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    The departure


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    The departure

    Post by Storyteller on Tue Jan 31, 2017 6:05 pm

    The sun of the late morning is casting only pale shadows on the cobbled streets of Lucrecio. The few birds that did not fled the noisy mob are enjoying a cloudless sky. This day is a day that all shall remember, as all the city is celebrating the first journey of the Lady.

    The Lady is a sumptuous ship. Of course, the Lucrecio, as one of the most advanced nation in the world, has plenty of sumptuous ships. The citizens of its capital are attending some of the ships' baptisms from time to time, but the size of today's crowd is quite unusual for such event. This is for the simple reason that the Lady is the first ship in all Gaïa to move itself in the sky. The population invaded the central place ; more than seeing for the first time a wooden giant lifted in the air, they know that from this day their country has nothing to envy anymore to Archange, the capital of Abel, center of the Empire. Everywhere the people are pronouncing the name of their prince, Lucanor Giovanni, the descendant of the last imperial dynasty. Exiled from Abel when the dynasty of the Barbados dismissed his father, the prince is now showing to the world that he made the Lucrecio a nation that equals Abel's glory.

    From the throne on its palace's balcony, Lucanor watches the red carpet that splits the crowd in two, from the palace's steps to the Lady. A group of people is walking toward the vessel. They look ridiculously small compared to the immense structure of wood and oilcloth. In its Baroque style, the Lady looks like three galleons suspended to as much oval balls. The four bridges between the three decks link the two smaller ones to the central shell. Behind, powerful helixes jut out the shells, like three horizontal flowers.

    Among the people on the red carpet are the gotha of Lucrecio, like Anushka Zheronika. This young lady lives with her rich aunt in the Lucrecio, but some whisper that she is a princess from a mysterious land in the far north. You find also successful merchants from aboard: William Bradley is the most renowned art merchant of the trade coast. Born in Arlan, people are saying that he is selling other things than art, things that you can only find in the deepest jungles or the lost mausoleums. Finally, you have the mysterious part of the crowd. Like this man covered by a long coat, that everybody seems to forge as soon as their eyes leave its figure. A dozen of guards are following them0. All together, they are the first passengers of the Lady and their armed escort from the royal guard.

    They enter in the right shell by a large stair, pass a small hallway and arrive in a room occupying half of the structure. The floor is all in red carpets, the walls are decorated with the finest paintings and they all sits on sofas around oval tables squared by marble busts of mythical heroes. The tables are covered by fruits and meat, and near the sofas are bookshelves with the most renowned novels from Lucrecio's literature. Anushka, Bradley and the mysterious man are sat to one of these table. Bradley initiate a small talk.
    William Bradley

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    Re: The departure

    Post by William Bradley on Wed Feb 01, 2017 3:42 pm

    Gentleman, milady, I am glad to see that I will not make this journey alone. Please let me introduce myself, my name is William Bradley and I believe that it is not necessary to go further... so what about you ?

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